We Are Parents For Inclusion

We are a New York based program that helps children adjust into new situations.

One of our main focuses is on helping children to settle into new schools.

We also help adopted children to settle into their new families with councelling and bond building programs.

Friendship Building

Many children struggle to make new friends when joining a new school or moving into a new neighborhood.

Our group have activities and things that we can do to find that crazy bulk helps build muscle your child make new friends and feel included.


We offer tutoring lessons for children who are falling behind in a testofuel subject and need some help catching up.

No matter the subject, we can find the right tutor for you that will help your child.

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At Parents For Inclusion we care about your childs well being and helping them to adjust to new situations and feel included.

Who Are We?

Parents For Inclusion are a small initiative from 64th St, New York and we offer councelling, and advice for parents with children who are struggling to settle into a new situation at home or at school.

How Can We Help?

We can offer councelling, tutoring and even phen375 mentorships for your child.

We also help to train parents on how to react to situations to make things better.

Parent Testimonials

I asked for help from PFI because my adopted daughter seemed to be finding it hard to fit in and open up to us. They gave us training and my daughter some helpful chats and things have been so much better!


My son was really struggling to fit in at his new school. The Parents For Inclusion team provided counselling and help. Since they helped he has changed so much for the better and is more confident and is settling in and making new friends!

George S

About Us

Who We Are?

Parents For Inclusion are a non profit initiative to help children fit in and settle into new situations.


Where Are We?

  • Phone: (212) 395-0594
  • E-mail: support@parentsforinclusion.org
  • Adress: 162 E 64th St, New York, NY 10595